Essay on My Favorite Teacher in English for Students (100, 200, 300 and 400 words)

Essay on My favorite Teacher in English: In this article, I shared my favorite teacher essay in 100 words, 200 words, and 400 words for all standards. Teachers play an important role in our lives. A good and ideal teacher is responsible for the growth of the learners. Students who want to write an essay on My Best Teacher can check out the essays below available on My Teacher Essay.

Teachers encourage their pupils to study well and become perfect human beings. We have provided you with an impressive My favorite Teacher Essay in English for students and kids. You can get the best teacher essay in English available below.

The teacher is a good role model for students in their learning journey. Students always observed and follow their teachers. Students select the best teacher according to their teaching qualities and try to explain by writing an essay about “my best teacher” in their life.

Essay on my Favorite Teacher in English (1) 100 Words

We teach many teachers, but one of the best teachers is a science teacher. My best teacher’s name is Rani Mam, and she is a good teacher. She is my class teacher. My best and favorite explains very well every lesson. She is very supportive of us. I like my teacher because her teaching style is very good. During lectures and after the lecture, I always respect my teacher.

All our subject teachers teach us very well, but Rani Mam’s teaching method is very different. I am writing an essay on my best favorite , because she explains textbook chapters on the blackboard using teacher aids. My teacher tries to teach and explains the easy and simple method.

Essay on my Favorite Teacher in English (2) 200 Words

My class teacher is my favorite teacher. Her name is Anita. She comes to my class daily in the morning to take attendance. My best teacher teaches us math subjects. She is well educated and a good teacher of Maths. She uses very comfortable and practical teaching methods to teach us. My best teacher, Anita Mam’s teaching method, is the very best. I understand very well when she teaches. I never skip her lectures and attend every day. I like the method she guides us as we do not need to study that subject at tuition. We easily understand the clear topic she teaches us in class.

I always come on time and am never absent from my subject. We enjoyed her class. Her teaching style is very attractive. I am a disciplined and excellent student. I respect her and follow all her orders. I obtained maximum marks in Maths. She explains very well all the topics of maths. She always teaches discipline to her subjects. I learned many things from my favorite teacher, like always being positive and always happy, obeying parents, respecting the elderly, and helping the poor. I complete my work daily with good writing. I learned many formulas in mathematics. My best teacher always motivates us.

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Essay on my Favorite Teacher in English (3) 300 Words

I am studying in the 5th standard in the school. I want to write an essay about my best teacher. My favorite teacher’s name is Mrs. Ashvini. My best teacher is very well educated in computer subject. She teaches us computer skills in my class. I am very interested in learning computer in class. She has very good knowledge of computer. She teaches theory in class and practical conduct in the lab. I always give her a gift on Teacher’s Day every year in class. My teacher always teaches with examples and funny jokes to increase our concentration in class. I am a very good at  computer in my class. She always gives me a project on the computer and I follow her orders.

Ashvini Mam helps me to improve my computer skills in class. My best teacher takes us to the computer lab to make us better and more confident about computer learning. She is very strict about class discipline. She wants to listen to their lecture in class and keep quiet. She individually pays attention to weak students about what she has taught in class during lectures. She always focuses on computer practical to make everyone clear about any topic related to that subject. My best teacher gives us a task in class to complete at home. No one misses both their classes as well as the computer practical.

I have never seen a computer teacher in my class like my best teacher. She supports weak students by providing them with extra time after class. She also helps us to understand things related to computer in class or lab. My best teacher teaches drawing on computer software. She also encourages us to take part in drawing and other competitions organized by the school. She is very supportive of all students. My favorite teacher is very popular in the class for teaching computer. She supports us in getting prepared for the events like Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day, etc.

Essay on my Favorite Teacher in English (4) 400 Words

I am a student at a reputed private school near my house. There are many amazing lecturers in my school, but everyone has one of the best teachers among them. My favorite teacher is my geography teacher. Her name is Archana. She is one of the best teachers in my school and is liked by all my friends in class. Her teaching method is very different from other teachers. In my class, no one feels boring during her lecture because she makes some jokes throughout the lecture. She asks us to question her after the taught topic from home about what she will teach in the class. My best teacher is very courteous and respectful, and we all respect her in class.

She has an excellent knowledge of geography. She has a unique way of describing her methods of solving questions. This way, she makes even the most complex of problems look easy and makes them easy to understand for all learners in her class. She is very familiar with us and never makes us stressed out. Students ask her any queries related to the topic in the class without any worry. She advises us to concentrate on our studies and to consistently follow what our teachers tell us in class. My favorite teacher advises us to work hard for a better future.

She encourages us to study and also participate in extracurricular activities and sports. She has won many prizes in drawing competitions during her academy days. My best teacher motivates us to practice drawing and participate in competitions. She has a highly educated teacher. I learned many things in geography during class. She is always ready to help us after class. She helps the students do well in school, whether in educational or sports activities and trains us. My favorite teacher gives tuition free of charge to her weak students.

My best teacher thought that only knowledge restricted by the syllabus was not enough. She used to discuss topics outside the syllabus and motivate us. She always made the lessons exciting with facts about geography. My best teacher used to relate an example for a better understanding of lessons. She explains that the lessons helped us to capture the points very fast and even helped us to remember them. My personality was developed by her explanations and encouragement in learning. I always excited about the geography lecture. I respect my favorite teacher and also other subject teachers.

10 Lines on My Favorite Teacher in English (1)

my favorite teacher paragraph

1. Mrs. Minakshi is my favorite teacher in the class.

2. She teaches us Social Science subject.

3. My favorite teacher explains the lessons very well.

4. Her voice is very clear when she teaches.

5. She never gives punishment in class.

6. She is a very experienced teacher.

7. I always respect my favorite teacher.

8. She gives us a gift for the right answers to tests.

9. She gives individual attention to every student.

10. She is my favorite teacher, every student respects her.

My Favorite Teacher 10 lines in English (2)

my favorite teacher paragraph

No. 1- My name is Ronak and I am a student of class eight.

No. 2- English Teacher is my favorite teacher in class.

No 3- My favorite teacher’s name is Ashvini.

No. 4- She teaches us history and is a hard-working teacher in our school.

No. 5- She is a good teacher with a great personality. I consider her my favorite teacher.

No. 6- She is soft-natured. My best teacher doesn’t punish any student in the class.

No. 7- She has very good teaching ability and technique. She has some unique skills that let us understand the subject.

No. 8- I am impressed with her teaching method. I want to become a good teacher in life.

No. 9- She is always ready to help students with their studies.

No. 10- I never skip lectures and always complete my class work.