How to Write Essay in English on Any Topic 2023-24

If you are searching for, How to Write Essay in English on Any Topic
You have come to the right place. We are explaining essay writing.

Essays are familiar in school and college. There are multiple types of essays written. The content of the essay depends on the subject, requirements, topic, and level of study.

How to Write Essay in English on any Topic 2023-24

Prepare a draft

Types of the essay: Select which types of essays you want to write. There are four types of essays here.

Choose a topic for the essay: Before starting an essay, you must decide essay topic or subject.

Design the idea: after topic selection, you need to write about your idea for essay writing. The outline of the essay will make it easier to start an essay.

Formation of the essay

The formation or structure of your essay can help to convey your opinions. An essay outline provides background information. The essay structure follows a simple way introduction, body, and conclusion.

Essay writing should follow the below structure.


The introduction works like a clutch for the reader’s interest and tells them what to await. It should be 10 to 20% of the text in the essay.

The first sentence must be exciting for readers. It might be an amazing question or unexpected truth. The sentence should start like let’s start writing an essay about technology or a strong idea about the topic.

Provide a scene that will support your reader’s understanding of your idea. This provides interest in background information.


The body of an essay is where you write ideas to help your theory. Design your ideas and provides proof for the goal to describe the information.

The body of the essay paragraph’s length depends on the essay type and what kind of essay you are writing.


The conclusion is the last section of an essay. It should generally be 10 to 15% of the text.

  • Re-summarise the main points of your essay.
  • Returns to your idea.
  • Present your discussion points.

Never present new statements or opinions in the conclusion.

Body Paragraphs of the Essay

In the First body paragraph of the essay, you should use your most powerful argument or most important example unless some other additional point is required. That idea is presented in an essay topic sentence. The topic sentence should commonly show on from the previous paragraph.

Keep a Vocabulary

Vocabulary is an important part of writing essays. This idea helps you memorize the meanings of new words. You can learn about new words that will improve your knowledge.

Write Clarity

The writer should write clearly, which is most effective for readers.


Evidence from your essay will support your points or subject.

Reread Your Essay

Before finalizing, proofread your essay one or more times to confirm you have covered all the parts.