Paragraph on My Best Friend in English Essay (50, 100, 200, 300, 400 Words)

A human can understand and feel everything on earth. We need a friend in our life that we can share our thoughts, problems, and happiness. Many people come into our life but not everyone can become best friends only have a person we can say My Best Friend. A best friend is the most unique prize in our lives. Friendship is one of the greatest gifts. A paragraph on my best friend  in English this article is most valuable for those who have true friends. A best friend is a person who understands the value of a friend and is always ready to help that friend. Today we are sharing a Paragraph on My Best Friend in this article, which is very helpful for students who are searching for paragraphs on my best friend or best friend essay.

Paragraph on My Best Friend in English

Best friends are the most important part of anyone’s life. We have provided here different paragraphs and essay writing on my best friend. Students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12th in English.

Paragraph on My Best Friend No. 1 (50 Words)

Rohan is my best friend since our school days and we went to school together. He studies in my class and we sit on the same bench every day. We shared tiffin for both. Most importantly, I feel especially lucky to have somebody as a best friend in my life.

Paragraph on My Best Friend Essay No. 2 (100 Words)

My Best Friend is Harry since childhood. He is one of the loveliest friends in my life. He is my neighbor and we go to school together. We both go to the same tuitions. He is the best student in my class. He always helps with my schoolwork and other problems. harry is interested in books reading and games. Harry always passed with high marks in class. All subject teachers like him in our school because he participates in all school events. Harry is the most popular student in the school. I play with my best friend Harry every day.

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Paragraph on My Best Friend Essay in English No. 3 (200 words)

It is very difficult to friendship with everyone. A best friend is the best gift in our life. I am very lucky because I have a best friend, if you are interested to know my true friend read the essay, I am writing an essay paragraph about my best friend.

I met my best friend in school life when I was in 1st standard. His name is Ronak and he is a sincere boy. My best friend supports me in schoolwork. He is very special to me and I love his friendship. He is true and my best friend still now.

Ronak is punctual, hard-working, and always completes homework regularly. I completed my school work with the help of my friend. Ronak is a brilliant student in my class. According to roll number, his 4th and my roll number is the 5th. He is a peaceful and sensitive friend who does not harm anyone’s emotions. He has leadership qualities. My friend belongs to an educated family and his father is a very good person. My friend is helpful for me and we want to keep our friendship for a lifetime. Ronak is a very knowledgeable boy in our society. I have learned many things from him in school life.

My Best Friend Paragraph Essay No. 4 (300 words)

The closest and most unique individual in your life that we call our best friend. A person shares almost everything with one of their best friends. A best friend is a unique relationship that does not connect with our blood.

Our friendship started when I took a new admission to a school nearby my house. I went to school regularly many students took admission that year. We both started talking about school homework and other related queries my friend’s name is Harsh. We shared our lunch during recess time. Both of us became best friends after some time. He is a very good boy in our class. All the teachers like him. He lives near my house and we go to tuition together every day.

We spent all our time together our friendship became the best friendship in our school. We play cricket together after school. On our summer vacation, we went to travel and spent our time on both same tours in our village. During the holidays, we enjoyed ourselves together. I learned many things from my friend.

I feel lucky because I have a good friend. I developed such a bond with my best friend because of lots of the qualities we observed. Harsh always supports me when I worry. My friend is the best speaker in class and participates in every speech competition. He also did the best drawings in school. I have never seen an artist like my best friend. He won many medals and certificates in drawing competitions.

My best friend brings money for recess from his parents. One day, we were going to school together. He saw a poor man on the road. He had only enough money for lunch. He gave the money to a poor man to help him. This occurrence motivated me to help poor people.

Paragraph on My Best Friend in English Essay No. 5 (400 words)

Friendship is the best relationship between two people. I have many friends from my school life, but one of my best friends is named Krish. He lives opposite the apartment where I am. I met Krish for the first time when I saw her in my class when I was in the first standard. Krish is a good boy with the best characteristics in nature.

True friendship is the most important part of our lives to go onwards and get the right way in life. Getting best friends in everyone’s life is a very challenging task. Few lucky people get a best friend. I shared my feelings and problems with only my best friend. He always helps needy and poor people. My best friend is excellent at sports and other school activities.

My best friend is a really interesting boy. He is also a good cricketer in our team. Our school was in an inter-school tournament last year, and he did very well. Our team won because his batting performance was awesome. He also participated in district and state-level competitions.

Krish helps everyone if any needy person tells him to. I learned many things from Krish in school life. He encourages us all the time to help other people. He speaks to everyone politely and never fights with me or others. My friend always tells the facts. He never tells a lie to anyone. He belongs to an educated family and his manners are very good. Krish is interested in books and his English is strong in our class.

He can do hard work for anything in life, and he always tells us to work hard for the best achievements in life. My best friend is a good boy in his apartment. I respect him because he’s a good friend to me. He always completes schoolwork on time. I always asked for help with school work and he explained every topic very well. We study together during exam time at his home. His parents are very supportive of his education.

I share about, my best friend is one of the most valuable people in my life. We always try to motivate each other every moment to become better human beings for others. I always support my best friend for a better future, and he also helps me on my educational journey. A best friend is indeed a special treasure that no one gets.