Best Short Story in English for Students of All Time 2023-24

Develop your children’s vocabulary by reading a Best Short Story in English for Students 2023-24. There are many benefits and advantages to reading moral stories.

Short stories have a good way of teaching lessons to children, making them more relatable and impressive. A moral story will help children learn manners. It helps children understand what bad things happen when they lie by telling a short moral story about not lying.

Best Short Story in English for Students 2023-24

The moral imparted by the educational stories for children are the foundations of our personalities. This collection of moral-based short stories aims to develop children into whole individuals.

1. A Wise Old Owl (Short Story in English)

Once upon a time, an old owl lived in a tree. That forest had beautiful trees. Every day, the owl observed what was going on around him. He saw more but speak less.

One day, he saw a boy helping an elderly guy carry a big basket. The next day, he noticed a small child shouting at her mom.

Every day was the same for her; he saw more but speak less. Many days passed, and the elderly owl overheard people conversing and sharing stories.

One day, he heard a lady telling someone how he saw an elephant jumping over her fence.

The old owl saw and heard what happened, some people improved, while others deteriorated. But slowly he grew wiser, and he is known as the wise owl.

Moral: Never argue with elders; always follow their advice.

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2. The Dog at The Well (Short Story in English)

On a farm, a mother dog and her puppies lived beside a well. The mother dog always warns her puppies not to go or play near a well. Her puppies used to wonder why she refused to go there.

One of the puppies came near a well. He climbs to its boundary and sees him inside the water in his reflection, but assumes it is another dog in the well. He wanted to fight him, so he jumped inside the well, but no other dog found it.

He started to bark nonstop, and a farmer arrived to save him. Since then, the puppy has learned from his mistake and has decided to obey our elders.

Moral: Never argue with elders; always follow their advice.

3. Never give up (Moral Story)

Once upon a time, a farmer had a donkey walk around her house. One day, a donkey fell into a well near a farmer’s house. The donkey’s cry continued. The farmer tried to help but was not able to reach him. He worried about what to do now. After trying for some time, he decided the donkey was old and the well needed to be sealed off anyway; it was not worthwhile to try to save it.

He called all of his friends to assist him. They each took a shovel and started throwing dirt into the well. The donkey became aware of what was happening and wailed hysterically. Then, to everyone’s surprise, he stopped talking.

After some time, the farmer looked down at the well and was shocked by what he saw. The donkey was performing an astonishing feat with each shovel of dirt that landed on his back.

He’d shake it off and rise as the farmer’s friend piled dirt on top of the donkey. Everyone watched and was shocked as the donkey jumped over the boundary of the well.

Moral: The world is going to shovel all kinds of dirt on you. We will avoid the most serious consequences if we can try to continue.

4. True Wealth (Moral Story)

After a long time, two friends named Sam and Shyam met in a village and discussed many aspects of their lives. During the discussion, Sam said I have a big house and a big farm. Shyam said I have a bungalow and two cars.

They argued over who was poorer and who was richer. Sam said I am rich, and Shyam said I am richer. Suddenly, both fell into a pit on the way they were walking.

Shyam came out of a pit. Sam tried to come out but was not reached. Shyam observed Shyam come out of a pit. Sam tried to come out but was not reached. Shyam observed Sam’s attempt but was unable to reach him. He helped Sam, and finally, Sam came out of the pit. Sam was injured, and Shyam secured the situation. From this incident, they understood that their wealth didn’t benefit them, but kindness and camaraderie did.

Moral: True wealth is kindness and friendship, not money or other possessions.

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