Maharashtra Board SSC Maths 2 (Geometry) Sample Question Paper 2021 pdf Download | Geometry Sample Question Paper 2021

Maharashtra Board SSC Maths 2 (Geometry) sample question paper 2021 pdf download. Maha Board geometry Sample Paper 2021 make through the updated reduced syllabus for class 10th. Math 2 sample paper pattern 2021 created by mathematics expert teacher and Board paper checker for class 10th students.

Math is the most important and scoring subject if you practice it in the right direction. By learning the maths question paper for class 10 Maha board 2021 and doing proper practise, students can get the highest marks. Practicing SSC geometry sample question paper 2021 will help in expecting the question asked in the Class 10 board examination. Maths 2 Sample Question Paper 2021 also helps to understand the exam pattern.

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Maharashtra Board sample question paper geometry for Class 10 is the best and source of experience to get an understanding of the exam pattern paper. Students also can download Maharashtra State Board 10th std books pdf 2020-21 from this article in pdf format.

The new maths sample paper of SSC 2021 Maharashtra state board made by math expert tutor and Board paper checker for class 10 students based on the reduced syllabus 2020-2021. Class 10 Math 2 practice sample paper 2021 most important for students to get knowledge of board exams paper patterns.

Sample Paper Class 10 maths 2021 Click Below
Geometry Paper Class 10 Download
SSC Maths 2 chapter wise weightage 2021
Chapter No Chapter Name Total Marks
1 Similarity 13
2 Pythagoras Theorem 9
3 Circle 11
4 Geometric Construction 10
5 Co ordinate Geometry 9
6 Trigonometry 8
7 Mensuration

As per the reduced syllabus 2020-2021

Note: Chapter 7 is completely omitted

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