Best 10 Lines Short Stories with Moral in English for Students 2023-24

Short stories are the best way of teaching lessons to learners, making them better and more interesting. A short story helps them understand what you are teaching. It helps them become more familiar with their actions and their results. The short stories or moral lessons from these stories also help shape their personalities. In this article, you will read Best 10 Lines Short Stories with Moral 2023 for students.

10 lines story in English 2023

10 lines short stories with morals for students or adults. Everyone’s life is also a story for others who face many different situations in their lives. 10 Lines Short Stories with Moral will inspire everyone to achieve their goals in life.

Best 10 Lines Short Stories with Moral in English 2023-24

The top 10 lines of short stories with morals in English are a great way to improve your child’s reading skills and inspire them with moral stories. Short moral stories not only teach your kids a message, but they will also learn about a goal in their lives.

1. The Bone and the Dog Short Story 2023

A dog once prowled the streets day and night to find food. One day, he came across a large, delicious bone, which he instantly grabbed and took home. On his way to cross the river, he watched another dog with a bone in its mouth as he crossed a river on his way home. When he opened his mouth, the bone he was biting dropped into the river and dipped. He went home hungry that night.

Moral of Story: If we continually covet what others have, we will ultimately lose what we already have in our lives, much like the greedy dog.

2. The Ants and the Elephant Short Story 2023

There was a happy elephant who usually upset the smaller animals. He would visit the ant colony and spray the ants with water. Because of their size, the ants could only sob. The elephant chuckled and said he would kill the ants if they continued.

The ants decided to teach the elephant a lesson after having enough. They immediately entered the elephant’s trunk and began tormenting him. The elephant began to sob in torment. After this elephant realized his inaccuracy, he expressed sorrow to the ants and all the other animals he had bothered.

Moral of Story: We should always be humble and respect everyone. A great person is always willing to assist those in need.

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3. Two Friends and A Bear in the Jungle Short Story 2023

Two friends were walking near a dense jungle once upon a time. A bear appeared in front of both of them. They were apprehensive of the bear. One friend knew how to climb a tree and climbed the nearest tree. However, the second friend was unable to climb the tree. He was worried and helpless. Then he devised a method. He was well aware that a bear will not eat a dead animal. As a result, he lay down like a dead man immediately. The bear approached him and assumed he was dead. Bear then walked away. As a result, the friend rescued himself.

Moral of Story: A real friend is known in moments of trouble.

4. The Thirsty Crow Short Story 2023

On a summer day, a crow became very thirsty. He went in search of water, but he did not reach it. At that moment, the crow saw a pitcher. He came to the pitcher. But actually, the water level was so low that the crow could not drink water. After that, the crow tried to break the pitcher, but he could not break it. He tried many times to topple the pitcher, but he failed.

Crow looked around and saw some stones nearby. He then devised a scheme. One by one, he picked up the stones and added them to the pitcher. The result was an increase in the water level. The crow finally succeeded in quenching his thrust.

Moral of Story: Anything is possible if you want it.

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5. A Lazy Boy Short Story 2023

Once upon a time, there was a boy. His name was Ronak, and he was so sluggish. A mango tree laden with fruits grew in his backyard. One day he wanted to eat some mangoes, but Ronak was too lazy to climb the tree and take the mangoes. He searches for someone to climb a tree, but no one is found. So he lay down under the tree and waited for the mangoes to fall off. Ronak waited a long time; he was also very hungry, but the mangoes never fell.

Moral of Story: Laziness won’t get you anywhere. You must put forth a lot of effort if you desire something.

6. The Lion and the Mouse Short Story 2023

Once upon a time, in the jungle, a lion was resting under a tree. Suddenly, a little mouse started running up and playing with the lion’s body. The lion got disturbed, and he caught the rat in his paw and shouted. The mouse cried and said, forgive me, king of the jungle. Rat promised to assist you someday. The lion laughed at the mouse. The lion stated you are very small; how can you assist me? I release you because I am in a good mood at this time.

One day, the lion was trapped in the hunter’s net. He howled, “Help me!” The mouse heard his voice and came out with his help. The mouse quickly gnawed the rope and secured him.

The lion said to the mouse, thank you; I was not right that time.

Moral of Story: Small acts of kindness will be rewarded greatly.

7. The Fox & the Grapes Short Story 2023

A fox once walked into a vineyard while looking for hanging grapes. The fox drooled at the sight of the round, delicious grapes hanging in a bunch. The fox had to jump to reach the bunch because it was hanging from a high limb. But no matter how far he jumped again and again, he was unable to grab it.

He then excused himself, telling himself it was probably sour. He had to go to bed that night without eating anything.

Moral of Story: The majority of us behave like the fox. We create reasons when we want something in our lives but believe it will be too difficult to obtain.

8. Rabbit and Tortoise Short Story 2023

In a jungle, a rabbit and a tortoise lived. One day, a rabbit challenged the tortoise to a race to see how fast it could run, and the fox was to be the referee. During the race, Rabbit noticed the tortoise’s very slow run.

After halfway, the tortoise could not see anywhere, so he decided to stop and take a short rest before he finished the race. The tortoise continues to run and completes the race. When the rabbit woke up after a long rest, he saw that the tortoise had already crossed the finish line. Finally, the rabbit lost the race due to their overconfidence in their speed.

Moral of Story: Never underestimate anyone.

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9. The Boy Who Cried Wolf Short Story 2023

Once upon a time in a village, there was a boy whose duty was to flock his sheep daily in the jungle. One day he decided to play a joke on the villagers and started shouting “Wolf, Wolf, Wolf.” On hearing this, the villagers came running to help with their sticks. But when the villagers reached the boy, he was laughing at them and had not found any wolf.

After a few days again, he cried for help, “Wolf, Wolf.” On hearing this, the villagers again came out, but no wolf was found. The boy again fooled the villagers, and he again laughed. This time the villagers’ men were very angry with the boy, and they told him if he cried again next time they would not come for help.

One day, a wolf really came, and the boy shouted again for the help, but nobody came to the boy, and the wolf ate some of the sheep.

Moral of Story: This story contains a valuable lesson for all of us. If you lie and cheat others, they will stop believing you in any situation.

10. The Ugly Duckling Short Story 2023

Once upon a time, a duck laid four eggs on a farm. After some days, the four small eggs started to break. Finally, all four eggs cracked; three ducklings looked like their mother, and the fourth one looked big and grey and looked different.

Nobody liked him or played with him. His brothers and sisters called him ugly. After a few days, the dejected duckling fled to a neighboring river. He came across a lovely white swan there. He realized he didn’t resemble any of his brothers or sisters because he is a swan, not a duckling. After that, he understood that he would eventually mature into a beautiful swan and would cease to be referred to as ugly.

Moral of Story: In your present condition, you are lovely.

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